In Italian SFIZIO means crave, desire, a small treat that we indulge in. Our busy lives rarely allow us to pamper ourselves. This website wants to give you the chance to take a break, press pause and treat yourself or your loved ones with a tasty gift. Indulge in a temptation without feeling guilty, makes us feel happy and at peace. That’s why we carefully find out for you special products, which will let you experiment new sensations and tastes, always keeping in mind the unmistakable aroma of fine culinary art.


Our “sfizio” is to eat and live Italian-style, proving that high quality food can be at everyone’s reach. How? By offering quality products straight to your doorstep at affordable prices. Sfizio doesn’t just mean clean-eating: it also refers to the pleasure of eating quality food that is typical of the Mediterranean cuisine, culture and enogastonomy.
Not only. Sfizio wants to unveil you the people, the production methods and the roots of the companies that are behind our goods and that represent the finest Made-in-Italy. An easy-to-use and appealing showcase, where a wide range of products is spiced up from time to time by seasonal surprises, along with many tips and tricks to create recipes and pairings.


Our work is our passion: passion for natural food production processes, genuine ingredients, delicious and tasty flavors. We have always loved travelling through Italy, looking for small family-owned businesses, characterized by hard work and craftsmanship. We’re not interested in famous brands, which in our opinion are a little predictable and commercially overexposed. We bet on local products, known through word of mouth and not through massive marketing campaigns.
The brand Sfizio was born when a group of professionals and small companies working in the F&B industry joined forces: from worldwide known Parmesan to Piedmont wines, from Ligurian olive oil to the finest cold-cuts that contributed to create the great Italian culinary tradition. Since the beginning, Sfizio has promoted only the best artisan products thanks to a synergic cooperation between producer and dealer, always keeping in mind our keywords: sustainability, responsibility, sharing and constant improvement.


Each product offered on our website is the result of a careful and rigorous selection, thanks to the experience gained over the years through continuous interaction with our customers and employees.
Everyday we travel across Italy to find out the finest products. A task which takes time and commitment, letting Sfizio’s customers enjoy the best products while we ensure each step in the supply chain is always under control: from manufacturing to delivery!


As an ancient African proverb quotes: “A billion ats can move an elephant”. Sfizio believes in teamwork and skills sharing. That’s why we can count on business partners who gained years of experience in the F&B industry, distribution and logistics.
This allows us to offer an efficient and prompt service, under control at any time, and allows you to purchase with only one concern: plenty of choice.